Zoe - ILF

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  • This LONG SLEEVE full piece is has been created using a custom art work 'SANDHILLS'  by HOLLY SANDERS ART. We are donating 10% of profits from each piece sold to the INDIGENOUS LITERACY FOUNDATION.

    • UPF 50+
    • Fully lined
    • Made from recycled plastic bottles by REPREVE
    • Invisible zipper at back
    • Signature salty frill
    • These are true to size.

      This artwork represents sandhills and country, symbolizing a connection to the land and ocean. This artwork celebrates ocean country and the importance of sand environments that provided an ubundance of wild food and recourses to trade and share. The smaller ‘U’ shaped pattens throughout symbolize people, who pass in a tradition where sand art, a common art form in coastal areas, is used to create a temporary picture and story and is then washed away by the next high tide.


      Find out more about the INDIGENOUS LITERACY FOUNDATION